The MANAGER brand is located in canton of Jura, in the heart of the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.
MANAGER brand, is a family business founded by François Boegli.

Manager watches have a sporty-classic chic and elegant look with high quality swiss craftsmanship and uncompromising innovation.

Each of us can be a manager, start to manage your time with a Manager watch

Message from the CEO

I have been immersed in the watchmaking industry since my early childhood. As early as 1904, my great-grandfather Louis Schwab had a watchmaking factory in Moutier. He was able to pass on this passion to the generations that followed him.

When we launched the MANAGER brand, we wanted to offer watches with character and a particularly sophisticated design. For us, every detail counts and this is especially true for all the components of the watch. Our team consists of passionate and meticulous watchmakers and designers.We offer to our customers a product that conveys the values and our enthusiasm. Each MANAGER watch has been designed as a “coup de coeur” and our wish is that those who have placed their trust in us will feel this emotion when wearing them.

The MANAGER brand name conveys our desire to create a watch for decision-makers and people who think outside the box, women and men who assert themselves and who do not identify with the single thought or the mainstream. Being a manager is above all a state of mind and a desire to pass on our passions and knowledge to others. By developing timepieces, this is what we wish to transmit to you.

Combining elegance, style and quality, the brand wants to meet the needs of people who want to offer themselves
a Swiss timepiece, both aesthetic and affordable.
In addition to impeccable quality, MANAGER aims to be a brand for those who
want to affirm their character by wearing a watch with a strong design.

Each MANAGER watch is created and developed on our premises.
From the first sketch to the final product, we master all the
production steps. Our team consists of technicians and watchmakers
each with great experience.